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Friday, July 8, 2011

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Bemidji, MN Walker, MN 32.4 mi
Walker, MN Brainerd, MN 63.7 mi
Brainerd, MN Little Falls, MN 31.6 mi
Little Falls, MN St. Cloud, MN 33.7 mi
St. Cloud, MN champlin MN 52.1 mi
champlin MN Minneapolis MN 20.3 mi
Minneapolis MN Prescott, WI 39.9 mi
Prescott, WI Nelson, WI 52.1 mi
Nelson, WI La Crosse, WI 64.8 mi
La Crosse, WI  Prairie du Chien, WI 59.5 mi
Prairie du Chien, WI Dubuque, IA 64.9 mi
Dubuque, IA Savanna, IL 47.7 mi
Savanna, IL Hampton, IL 47.1 mi
Hampton, IL Muscatine IA 39.0 mi
Muscatine IA Fort Madison IA 71.2 mi
Fort Madison IA La Grange MO 53.8 mi
La Grange MO Hannibal, MO 29.9 mi
Hannibal, MO Plessant Hill IL 46.8 mi
Plessant Hill IL Alton IL 64.0 mi
Alton IL Carlyle, IL 58.0 mi
Carlyle, IL Mt Vernon IL 39.1 mi
Mt Vernon IL Eldorado IL 49.7 mi
Eldorado IL Providence ky 54.9 mi
Providence ky Hopkinsville, KY 44.5 mi
Hopkinsville, KY Nashville, TN 69.1 mi
Nashville, TN (steve) Leiper's Fork TN 31.3 mi
Leiper's Fork TN Collinwood TN 86.7 mi
Collinwood TN Cherckee AL 38.9 mi
Cherckee AL Tupelo AL 64.8 mi
Tupelo MS French Camp MS 82.5 mi
French Camp MS Jackson, MS 89.5 mi
Jackson, MS Port Gibson MS 63.5 mi
Port Gibson MS Natchez, MS 41.8 mi
Natchez, MS Simmesport, LA 67.2 mi
Simmesport, LA New Roads, LA 34.0 mi
New Roads, LA Baton Rouge, LA 33.7 mi
Baton Rouge, LA New Orleans, Orleans, LA 88.8 mi